Improve Your English For Business Success

Are your poor English language skills stopping you from doing business or from landing your dream job?


Business is about communication. Poor communication can be one of the key obstacles to succeeding  and growing your business or career. Don’t let that be the case for you. Take control of your business and career success by improving your English today.

Read on below to see how I can help you do that with my award-winning blog and online or full-immersion Business English courses.

Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat
– Founder & Business English Coach –

My name is Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat and I am the founder of English with a Twist. I am a Business English Trainer and I’ve been helping people just like you succeed in business with English for over six years. Before that, I spent twenty years in the Finance world and that experience has enabled me to relate and empathise with professionals like you. I know what it takes to make a good impression at a job interview, to give an excellent presentation, to make a persuasive argument in negotiations, to win that sale or to write a persuasive email.

I focus on what YOU need to communicate effectively in English with colleagues, customers and stakeholders. I help you present yourself and your business professionally and clearly in English. I help you succeed in your career with English whether it’s through presentations, at job interviews, engaging in small talk with your customers or writing with impact.

Do you find yourself in any of the following situations?


  • You don’t actively participate during conference calls because you feel self-conscious about your English and that leaves you feeling frustrated and at the end of the call, you ask for an email summary of the meeting because you weren’t able to follow the entire meeting.
  • You have the technical language in English to conduct your business but when it comes to small talk you are lost for words.
  • You need to apply for jobs in English but need help in preparing your CV and covering letters in English. You also need to feel confident when answering questions in English in a job interview.
  • You have an important presentation to give in English and need help to work on your language, structure and delivery OR when giving a presentation in English, you often find yourself ‘stuck’ for words and unable to move from one slide to the next.
  • Writing in English forms a large part of your day to day role and you need to make an impact in your written communication to win business and gain credibility.
  • The company you work for has merged and you’re now part of a multinational company where English is the language of communication and you need to boost your English fast. Or you’ve been promoted to a role that requires you to communicate in English but your English skills are rusty and need to be refreshed quickly.


I can help you improve your English today in just 2 easy steps.


Step 1: Subscribe to my FREE English learning blog.

My award-winning blog is your first ‘go to’ stop on your journey to better English. Each week I publish a post that is delivered to your inbox provided you’ve subscribed to it. I write about a wide range of topics that is not only limited to Business English.

In addition to business skills such as job interviews, presentations, email writing, I write about  culture including food, cinema, literature, theatre; grammar including tenses, prepositions; vocabulary such as collocations, phrasal verbs, idioms. The list is endless.

Each post gives you tips, vocabulary, skills and reading practice of the English Language. The wide range of topics gives you the opportunity to explore the richness of the language and to expand your vocabulary.

This route is ideal for those of you who simply wish to refresh your English language skills once a week at no cost and who don’t need English to be more successful in business or to get a job.


Step 2: Personalised 1-1 Courses

Are you ready to get serious about your success and take things to the next level with my PERSONALISED 1-1 courses?

If the answer is yes, then my personalised 1-1 courses will give you the tools and motivation to achieve the results you’re expecting quickly.

Here’s how:

  • Together we will set clear and realistic objectives concentrating on short-term achievable goals to keep you motivated.
  • Then we will design and agree the course plan which will be reviewed regularly.
  • I don’t follow course books. You are my main resource. By asking you questions about your work, your interests, your concerns I have enough material to develop a course. The key is engagement. The more we engage with each other the faster and better your progress will be.
  • I want to know what makes you tick, what motivates you and what doesn’t. The more questions I ask the better guidance I can give you.
  • I concentrate on what you need to succeed in English. If you don’t need it, I won’t teach it. Time is money – why waste your time on endless grammar exercises when communication is what you need and fast?
  • I act as your guide and coach throughout your course. I help and encourage you to find the most effective way to achieve your goals.


You have a choice of taking an online or full-immersion home stay intensive course.

What are the benefits of each? 

Online Course

  • It’s flexible and you can study wherever you are – at home, at the office or while away on business.
  • The courses can last for as long or as short as you want or need.
  • They can be a continuation of your full-immersion intensive course.


Full-immersion Home Stay Intensive Course

  • A full-immersion intensive course of 1 – 3 weeks allows you to get away from your own environment and regular routine for a brief period and focus totally on improving your English.
  • An intensive course is particularly useful for when you need to prepare for an important presentation, a job interview or your CV.
  • The break from your routine allows you to focus on improving certain skills, for example, business writing, listening skills, fluency and accuracy
  • You may have regular lessons at home and in this case, an intensive full-immersion course can act as a concentrated boost that can make a significant difference in a short period.


What some of my clients say:


Daniela Pescetelli“Shanthi has been a great coach in the preparation of my job interviews. I applied for a 1-to-1 “Interview Preparation” online course and after few weeks I had a considerable step up in my communication skills and interview approach. She provided me with suggestions on how to improve my CV and cover letter in order to make them more effective and how to deliver a clear and well structured summary of my professional experience.  I gained more confidence in using English in business thanks to the role play and the mock interviews. What I have particularly enjoyed of the training was learning how to win my mental barrier to communicate effectively in English. She focus more in improving the flow of my speech and make it smoother. Thank you again, Shanthi. I am now ready to start my new job! :)”
(Daniela Pescetelli, a Project Manager from UK)


Testimonial_Binucci“What type of teacher is Shanthi? She’s simply the teacher every adult student , professional or not, needs to improve their English without losing interest after the first lesson. She’s competent and she knows exactly what her student needs to become more fluent and gain courage to communicate in English. Personally I have made a very good use of my lessons both in my private and professional life. I highly recommend her courses .”
(Alessandra B, an in-house lawyer from Milan, Italy)


PIO_5475“I enjoyed a whole week with Shanthi and her husband in London. I do not know if I learned a lot of English, but I was able to understand and to speak English with them. 
Shanthi adapts the rhythm to fit you.
It is not only to give you more grammar, vocabulary, etc, but also that each one is able to internalize the learning.
By the way, you can enjoy good walks in the middle of the wild nature, surrounded by birds, fox, dogs, horses, flowers, trees,…
And beer, good food, movies, and overall London. Visit the city, ask for coffee and meals, buy a train ticket, one way or round trip, visit a museum, ask for information, etc. Shanthi always will help you. It is the only way to learn.”
(Pio A, General Manager of a Mutual Company from San Sebastian, Spain)


Testimonial_ CUCCINELLI“Shanthi helped me find a way of recording useful phrases and vocabulary and it has motivated me to ask for the meaning of expressions in English when dealing with journalists and investors thereby widening my vocabulary. During our one-week course, Shanthi made me feel ‘at home’ and free to make mistakes. Above all, I felt free of any judgment and that boosted my confidence and has encouraged me to keep trying.”
(Brunello Cuccinelli, leading Italian Fashion Designer)


Testimonial_Froesig“Dear Shanthi, thank  you so much for 2 fantastic weeks in your house and motivating me to continue my English learning. Now, I avoid reading subtitles in English films, and I started to read English articles and books. I even make food using English recipes, and I swear everybody survived my cooking :-). I really enjoyed your tailor-made lessons and your great sense of humour. Take care, Christine “
(Christine F, an investment adviser from Copenhagen, Denmark)


“The face-to-face lessons allowed me to improve my English, to feel more confident and to focus on my expectations. I could work on my weak points with the new tools that Shanthi gave me. But she also helped me to be more structured, accurate with my thoughts, my ideas. She shared with me her professional experience and it was very good for me.”
(Fabienne L, PA from Lyons, France)


Testimonial_Rammelt_“I took part in a home stay full immersion course and after that I continued with skype lessons for over a year now. Shanthi´s support made me feel confident in giving  presentations and chairing project meetings and our ongoing skype lessons help me to ‘stay fit’ in the English language. Besides, it always is fun!”
(Stephan R, Change Communication Director from Dusseldorf, Germany)

To Get Started 

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