Blog_Autumn IdiomsIn my last blog post, I wrote about some of the vocabulary that we associate with the season of autumn.

Words like apples, leaves, pumpkin, nuts, squirrels, trees, orange, red, soup, casserole, golden, chestnuts, mist and plenty more.


In this post, I’d like to share with you 10 idioms that I’ve found related to some of the words above. So let’s start with the word ‘autumn’ itself.

1. Autumn years – it is often used to refer to the later years in someone’s life
“In his autumn years, Peter was able to enjoy his garden a lot more”


Blog_Images_Apple of my eye
2. Apple of my eye – someone who is cherished above everyone

“Even though Frank has three children, his youngest has always been the apple of his eye”.



3. Old chestnut – it refers to a story or a joke that has been told so many times that it becomes uninteresting.
Ted: “The best years of your life are when you’re a child”.
Sue: “Not that old chestnut again!”
Blog_Images_Golden Handshake4. Golden handshake – Used in Business English to refer to a large sum of money that is given to an employee (normally high level) when they leave.

“The CEO was given early retirement and a golden handshake of £800,000 when the company was restructured”.


5. Turn over a new leaf – to reform and begin again
“He has learned his lesson and has turned over a new leaf“.


Blog_Idiom_Take a Leaf out
6. Take a leaf out of someone’s book – to follow someone’s example

“Alex has really done well to turn his life around. You should take a leaf out of his book”.


7. Lost in the mists of time – means that something has been forgotten because it happened a long time ago
“The true significance of these traditions have been lost in the mists of time“.


8. To drive someone nuts – to make someone go crazy
“That noise is driving me nuts. Please stop at once!”


Blog_I'm nuts about you
9. To be nuts about someone or something – to be obsessed with someone or something

“I am nuts about that girl. I’d do anything for her”.



Blog_Idiom_squirrel away money10. To squirrel something away – to hide or store something like a squirrel

“Lisa squirreled away a lot of money while she was working and now she can enjoy her retirement”.



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