I referred to the Macmillan Love English Awards for the Best Blog 2013 about the English Language last month (see here).

Today I received a tweet from Macmillan informing me that English with a Twist has reached the top 5 and really stands an excellent chance of winning this award!!! I am absolutely thrilled to bits.

vote for us_love english2

For those of you who have already voted for me, thank you ever so much for helping me reach the top 5 position which is in itself a huge honour.

If you think that this blog is the best blog about the English Language and you haven’t voted for me yet or have recently subscribed to my blog and are not aware of this, I would be thrilled if you would vote for me.

The voting ends this Friday 14 February. To cast your vote, all you need to do is to visit the Macmillan site, scroll down to where you see English with a Twist, click the button next to it and click vote and you’re done!

A huge big thank you for supporting this blog. You make my blogging efforts worth the while and a real pleasure.



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