Small Talk to Go – 10 Must-Have Recipes For Stimulating Small Talk in English

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Do we have to use small talk in English?

Good question. Yes, why can’t we just get down to business? Why do we have to go through what appears to be the mundane chit chat before getting to the important stuff?

Small talk is culture-specific. By that I mean, some cultures expect you to engage in small talk before talking business. The British, for example, wouldn’t dream of NOT engaging in small talk. On the other hand, my German clients have told me that small talk doesn’t come naturally to them and find it difficult. If you’re going to do business with other cultures you will need to engage in small talk at some point or risk looking rude.

That’s why small talk matters. 

Your Must-Have Small Talk Resource Book

And this is why I’ve created your very own must-have small talk resource book that you can dip into every time you need back up during those crucial moments.

A book that: 
  • illustrates the scenarios you might find yourself in (at a bar, at a cocktail party, when you first arrive for a meeting);
  • gives you the expressions that you could hear;
  • suggests the expressions you can use to respond and sound confident.

PLUS a workbook to put the theory into practice.
I decided to combine my love for cooking with teaching and create “recipes” of these scenarios.
What’s will I find in Small Talk To Go?
The book is divided in 5 KEY scenarios:
  • Business Lunches
  • Conferences
  • Training Courses
  • Corporate Hospitality
  • Business Meetings
In each scenario, you’ll find the two scenes or recipes. Each recipe
  • sets the scene for you,
  • lists the ingredients (phrases and expressions you’ll need) and;
  • shows you how to put the ingredients together with authentic dialogues

Each recipe can be referred to individually, used and re-used as and when the need arises. The workbook that accompanies the book is for you to test yourself. It’s only by testing yourself that you’ll gained the confidence you need to succeed in business small talk in English.

1 review for Small Talk to Go – 10 Must-Have Recipes For Stimulating Small Talk in English

  1. Alessandra (verified owner)

    helpful, easy reading , full of priceless tips, a “must read “for all English learners who can’t stand the old stuff and wants to start speaking English like a “pro”

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