Are You A Confident Small Talker in English?

Do You Look Forward To Socialising With Your Colleagues or Clients and Talking About All Sorts of Non Business-Related Topics?

If the answer is no, you need “Small Talk To Go”.

This ebook will give you the phrases and expressions you need and show you how to engage in small talk in English easily and confidently.


Imagine This......

You’ve spent hundreds of dollars to attend an important conference for your business.
Not only is the conference an opportunity to learn from the leaders in your field through the organised talks, it’s also your once in a lifetime opportunity to:
  • meet new customers (new business),
  • interact with your peers (possible collaboration projects)
  • find out what your competitors are doing
This is going to be great. You’re excited, you’re feeling energised and you can’t wait to attend this conference.
You arrange to meet some potential new customers over coffee or at the bar during a break between the talks. You’re really hoping to make some valuable connections during these meetings.
Connections that could make or break your business.
You’d like to get straight down to business, but your client starts asking you questions that are not business related.
Questions like:
  • “What are you having?” (at the bar)
  • “Is this your first time to Munich?”
  • “What’s the weather like back home?”
  • “How long have you been with the company?”
  • “What do you think about the latest news surrounding executive pay?”
  • “Do you come to many events like these?”
  • “I love Italian food. Don’t you think it’s the best cuisine in the world?”
“Oh no”, I hear you saying to yourself. “I don’t know how to answer these questions in English.”
“Not because I don’t have an opinion on these issues.”
“No. The problem is I can’t find the words or expressions to express myself in a way that makes me sound professional and fluent in English.
This is so frustrating! I feel so stupid.”
“All I want to do is get back to the topic of business, but I know that’s not the right way.”
“I have invested so much time and money in this event, I can’t let the opportunity be wasted because of my fear and inability to engage in social conversation in English.”
“Help! What do I do now?”
Sound familiar? Is this you?
One of my clients recently told me that business success is 50% small talk. Do you agree?
50% is huge. Can your business ignore that number?
No, it cannot.
But here’s the real problem.
“People do business with people, not companies.”
To build a strong business relationship that leads to business success and revenue, you need to establish a deeper, more personal connection with the other person.
And that’s why you need small talk.


Do I Really Need To Use Small Talk in English?

The simple answer is YES.
Small talk allows you to:
  • Break the ice with someone and make them feel comfortable
  • Establish a connection with that person
  • Talk about general matters more superficially, for example, the weather, sport, travel and so on
  • Show politeness towards the other person
  • Increase your business revenue
So, there’s no escaping small talk.
You need to engage in it if you’re going to succeed in business.
Now some people are naturals at it whilst others feel uncomfortable talking about subjects other than business. They find it hard in their own native language, let alone in a foreign one.
The trouble is, though, international business is conducted largely in English and, if that’s not your native tongue, you’re going to have to get used to the idea of engaging in small talk in English.
This means coming out of your comfort zone and doing what you think is the impossible.
The question you need to ask yourself is….can I achieve the impossible?
The answer?
And I am going to show you how.

What Will "Small Talk To Go" Do For Me?

By having your very own must-have small talk resource book that you can dip into every time you need back up during those crucial meetings, you will develop the vocabulary and confidence to engage effortlessly in small talk in English.
Imagine an e- book that: 
  • recreates the scenarios you might find yourself in (at a bar, at a cocktail party, when you first arrive for a meeting, at a conference);
  • gives you the expressions that you could hear;
  • suggests the expressions you can use to respond and sound confident.
  • shows you what a conversation looks like.
  • offers you the chance to put what you learn into practice.
I have taken 5 scenarios that you’ve most probably experienced in your professional life and created “recipes” or scenes for each scenario.
The scenarios are business lunches, conferences, training courses, corporate hospitality and business meetings.
Each scenario has two recipes (scenes) each. Total 10 recipes.
Each recipe sets the scene (the situation you’ll find yourself in), gives you all the ingredients (phrases and vocabulary you’ll need) and shows you how to put all the ingredients together in authentic dialogues.
Each recipe will show you exactly how to start, continue and end a conversation.
Every recipe illustrates a real business scenario with real conversations. I experienced all these situations when I worked in investment management. I’ve give you an authentic flavour by sharing my experience with you.
The accompanying workbook gives you the chance to ‘test’ what you’ve learned and to expand your vocabulary further with more examples of phrases you can use.
By the end of this e-book, you’ll:
  • feel more confident and relaxed about engaging in small talk in English.
  • find yourself starting conversations much more easily
  • know how to excuse yourself politely from a conversation
  • know how to continue chatting even in a noisy place
  • no longer be the silent member of a group
  • stop feeling conscious about your not so perfect English

The 10-Must Have Recipes

A 35-page e-book of 10 essential recipes within 5 scenarios giving you all the phrases and vocabulary you need to engage in stimulating small talk.

The Workbook

A 15-page e-workbook that allows you to ‘test’ yourself and expand your vocabulary even further.


What will happen when I place my order?

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  • OPEN that email.

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  • You will NOT receive another email from English with a Twist.

How do I pay?

You can pay by either credit card (via Stripe) or PayPal.
It’s as easy as that!

Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat
– Founder & Business English Coach –

My name is Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat and I am the founder of English with a Twist. I am a Business English Trainer and I’ve been helping people just like you succeed in business with English for over six years. Before that, I spent twenty years in the Finance world and that experience has enabled me to relate and empathise with professionals like you. I know what it takes to make a good impression at a job interview, to give an excellent presentation, to make a persuasive argument in negotiations, to win that sale or to write a persuasive email.

I focus on what YOU need to communicate effectively in English with colleagues, customers and stakeholders. I help you present yourself and your business professionally and clearly in English. I help you succeed in your career with English whether it’s through presentations, at job interviews, engaging in small talk with your customers or writing with impact.

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