The school holidays have just started here in the UK. Within the next few days, thousands of British families will be heading off on their summer holidays. When most people think of summer the following words spring to mind: beach, water, sea, swimming, sun, sunshine, hot, ocean.

So, it only seemed natural that I introduce you to some idioms that are associated to these words.

1. Like a Fish Out of Water – to feel completely out of place


Bob always feels like a fish out of water when he is at his girlfriend’s office party.


2. Like Water off a Duck’s Back –  no effect on a person

Terry never gets upset when he is criticised. It’s like water off a duck’s back.


3. A Drop in the Ocean – a very small amount compared to the amount needed

A few thousand pounds is a drop in the ocean when you think about the millions that will be spent on this project.


4. Thrown in at the Deep End – to make someone do something,especially a job, without preparing them for it or helping them

On my first day in this job, I was asked to give a presentation to the board of directors. Talk about being thrown in at the deep end!


5. Swim Against the Tide – to go against the general trend

Every now and again in business you have to take a risk and swim against the tide.


6. Make a Splash – to get a lot of public attention

Blog_Idiom_Make a splash

If you want your book to be successful, you’ve got to make a splash by having a book launch and throwing lots of parties.


7. To make hay while the sun shines – make the most of your opportunities while you have the chance


Well, I have a few more days before I have to return my Ferrari, so I may as well make hay while the sun shines and drive it as much as possible.


8. Come Rain or Shine  (or whatever the weather)

I go running every day, come rain or shine.


9. To take a shine to someone – to be attracted to or like someone (normally when you meet new people)

My dog has really taken a shine to you.


10. Hot Off the Press –  freshly printed


The news about the CEO’s resignation is hot off the press.


Can you think of other idioms with a Summer theme to them?

Are you going on a summer holiday? If you are, I hope you have a wonderful time. As for me, the summer is the busiest time for an English Language Trainer in London so no holidays yet. Instead, I will be welcoming some lovely new clients to my home and blogging away over the next month

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Ciao for now.