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Last Friday night, it started raining and it continued to rain right through the whole of Saturday until the early hours of Sunday!
I hadn’t seen as much rain as I had last weekend.
You’re probably thinking:  “What is she talking about? It always rains in the UK!”
You’re right, but it is very rare to have non-stop rain over a period of over 24 hours.

Anyway, when I woke up on Saturday morning I realised why the British have so many expressions connected to rain!  So I decided to post some of these expressions on my Facebook Page.
I want to thank a fellow Brit, Chris Workman for providing the information. He has a great website called Learn British English. He also has a YouTube Channel where he regularly posts videos on how to learn British English.

Here are some of the expressions from the Facebook post:

1. Feel right as rain – feeling better, fine

  • You’ll see that if you have a good night’s sleep, you’ll feel as right as rain.


2. It never rains but it pours – you say this when something bad that happens is followed by other bad things

  • Tim: “Not only did he lose his job, his car was stolen together with his laptop and iPhone”
  • Charlie: “Oh no. It never rains but it pours“.


3. Rain on Someone’s Parade (also AmE) – to spoil someone’s pleasure

  • I’m having such fun, so please don’t rain on my parade.

4. Rain Check (AmE) – Something you say to someone when you cannot accept their invitation but would like to accept it at a later date.

  • I’d love to go for dinner, but I can’t tonight. Can I take a rain check and get back to you?”


5. Come rain or shine (also AmE) – whatever happens

  • “Don’t you worry. I’ll be there for you on Thursday, come rain or shine“.

Blog_Rainy Day6. Save money for a rainy day – Save money for difficult times

  • “My father always told be to save money for a rainy day. I’m so glad I took his advice”.



Can you think of any other expressions with “rain” that you could share here with us?  I’m happy to report that the weather has improved this week. The sun is out and it actually feels lovely and warm. I went for a 5k run this evening and it was glorious.

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Ciao for now