BLOG_Goodbye SeptemberToday is the last day of September which means that we’re slowly moving towards the autumn season here in the Northern Hemisphere. The weather cannot decide whether to leave summer behind and embrace the new season which means that we have had some very interchangeable weather in the last few days. For instance, Sunday was extremely warm and it felt like summer while yesterday was drizzly and grey reminding us that autumn is just around the corner.

Last year I wrote a post where I shared some autumn vocabulary. This year I’d like to share 8 phrasal verbs with the verb “fall” in it. “Fall” is American English for “autumn”.

One look at the dictionary and you will discover that there are well over 10 phrasal verbs with the verb “fall”! I’ve decided to focus on those phrasal verbs that are also used in Business English and consequently I have chosen 8.


Here they are:

1. Fall through 
If something like a deal or plan falls through, it fails to happen
Example: “After months of negotiations, our plans to merge fell through.

2. Fall for  
If you fall for somebody it means you fall in love
If you fall for something it means that you believe a trick, joke or a lie is true.
Example: “The market fell for all their over-optimistic reports about their profits”.

3. Fall apart 
If an organization, agreement or relationship falls apart, it no longer continues.
Example: “The longstanding relationship we’ve had with our suppliers is falling apart

4. Fall behind
To fail to pay something on time
Example: “Sales have been so tough that we’ve fallen behind with our loan payments to the bank”

5. Fall back
To become smaller or lower in amount or value (drop)
Example: “The share price fell back 2% after profits warning was issued”

6. Fall down
If an argument or system falls down, it fails because a part of it is either weak or not correct.
Example: “Charles’s arguments for a management buyout falls down on some key points”.

7. Fall into 
To start doing something by chance
Example: “I fell into the world of finance by accident”

8. Fall out
To stop being friendly with someone after an argument.
Example: “Ed and Roger haven’t been on speaking terms ever since they fell out over which way the company should go in the future.”


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Ciao for now.