I was searching for some inspiration early this morning for this post and lo and behold, I found this great new infographic from Grammar Net and simply had to share it with you here.

As Grammar Net says, words wander in and out of the English Language and some take hold of our daily lives to such an extent that they become over-used and extremely annoying. Here the author has chosen 10 words that are currently annoying internet users.

I’d love to know whether you agree with this list or not and if there are other words you would add to the list.

[Infographic provided by Grammar.net]

Some personal comments

SelfieThe word of 2013 is used everywhere. I must admit to being guilty of the odd selfie or two. Unlike the view here, I enjoy receiving selfies from my friends. How about you?

Literally – The overuse and misuse of this word has annoyed grammarians and linguists for a long time. I wonder whether over time the incorrect use of the word will become acceptable.

Awesome Sauce – I have never heard of this expression. If you have, I’d love to know if you agree with the view here.

LOL, ROFL, LOLOL –  ROFL means Rolling on Floor Laughing. I do agree with the author about LOLOL. What does that mean?!!! It doesn’t add to anything.

“-ageddon” or “-pocalypse” –  Yes, we do like to over-dramatise issues, don’t we? I think this often comes from journalists and we adopt the expressions. After all, drama and disasters sell more newspapers.

YOLO – I have not come across this much. You? What do you think?

#Hashtag – I agree with the author here. I am all for using them appropriately especially when referring to general topics like #grammar, #phrasalverbs, #nomakeupselfie and so on. But what is it with people who create their own personal #hashtags?

No Offence – A favourite expression used by the British. It’s a classic. You know for sure that the person who says it is about to be offensive.

CAPS LOCK – Oh yes, most definitely a no, no unless of course, you want to shout at your reader.

Are there other words that should be included in this list? Please share them in the comments box.

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Ciao for now.