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Ok, folks. Halloween paraphernalia is all around us at the moment. Every shop I step into I either get attacked by spiders and their cobwebs or trip over witches’ broomsticks.

There are bright yellow pumpkins beautifully arranged in the vegetables section of supermarkets ready for parents and their children to select, buy, carry home and spend a few hours carving scary sculptures out of those poor unsuspecting pumpkins.



There are witches’ hats and cauldrons that can be bought together with skeleton and Count Dracula costumes that will be worn at fancy-dress parties around the UK. Some person who longs for the eighties (the decade not their age!) to return will probably dust down their CD of Michael Jackson’s Thriller and play it endlessly over the weekend. That’s a point, where did I put my copy?


Photo: http://stacybuckeye.wordpress.com/

Photo: http://stacybuckeye.wordpress.com/

As Friday night looms, the children, young and old, will prepare to go trick or treating around their neighbourhood. I have already bought my box of Quality Street sweets to give the children when they come knocking at our door. It’s always best to be on the safe side and give them some sweets, or else you risk having rotten eggs thrown at your window! I’m joking….you’re more likely to have graffiti sprayed on your walls!!! Now stop it, Shanthi!!!! The children are lovely and wouldn’t dream of doing such things.


The Johnson Family's garden

The Johnson Family’s garden in California

What the children do around here is nothing compared to what my nephews are preparing in the States (USA). I understand that they already have a skeleton sitting out in their porch. The pumpkins were bought at a pumpkin farm (none of that supermarket rubbish!).
I believe the carving ceremony will commence tomorrow. One nephew is going as a ghostly ghoul and the other has designed his own costume and will be trick or treating as a robot!!!!  I  just know they will have a spookily fantastic time.

What are you doing this Halloween? Going to a fancy-dress party, trick or treating or turning the lights out and pretending you’re not home?!

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Key to the colours
The expressions in blue relate to Halloween vocabulary and the phrases in pink are expressions and some phrasal verbs that you can use anytime.