It’s a short post today as I have a very busy weekend planned and the weekend actually starts today, Friday!!! Yippee!!!

weekend_ready for itI am very excited as one of my online clients, Alessandra is staying with us for the weekend. As I write this, she is on her way from the airport by taxi.
Alessandra is the very same client who wrote a guest post a couple of weeks ago. I have never seen her in the flesh so I am extremely excited to finally meet her.


I have cooked an Indian curry as a welcome dish. I guessed that as an Italian she didn’t need more Italian food!!!! It’s a wet and cold evening so I’m hoping the spiciness of the curry will warm her. Fingers crossed she likes it.

We have a number of things planned for the weekend. While Alessandra visits a number of exhibitions in London tomorrow, I will do my niece duties and visit my uncle during the day. He is out of hospital and convalescing at home. I am going to take Buster, our dog to cheer him up. They do say that animals, especially dogs, are very therapeutic and are a tremendous help with the healing process.

Blog_Pub Crawl_wiki.openstreetmap.orgAs soon as evening approaches, we will be heading for the pub to seriously start off the weekend. We could go on a pub crawl but considering we don’t drink much, it would be a waste of money and alcohol (or booze as we call it in the UK).
We have booked a restaurant in our village and after a few drinks (glasses of wine for the ladies, a couple of pints of beer for my husband), we will go out for dinner. It’s Mediterranean cuisine for tomorrow. When I say Mediterranean I mean Greek and Turkish cuisine.

We’re planning to go to the cinema on Saturday afternoon. I think Alessandra is planning some shopping (retail therapy) in the morning in London. I have to teach first thing in the morning and I will have to dedicate the morning to the usual household chores (housework) and some planting. I bought some autumn plants today which will require to go into various pots.

We might go out to a wine bar on Saturday night, and I am thinking of cooking a Chinese meal for Alessandra. I hope she likes Chinese food.

A Chin Wag

A Chinwag

The real highlight of the weekend for me is going to be finally meeting Alessandra, catching up with her on all her news and having a real good chinwag about anything and everything.

After all, that is what a weekend with friends is all about. And if you can add good food and drink to the mixture, even better!



What have you got planned for the weekend? Whatever it is I hope it’s enjoyable and relaxing.

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Ciao for now


Key to the colours
The expressions in blue relate to weekend vocabulary and the phrases in pink are idiomatic expressions and some phrasal verbs that you can use anytime.