MotivationI have been putting off (delaying) writing a post this week because I simply couldn’t think of anything educational and English Language-related to write about. The more I racked my brain for ideas, the fewer ideas would pop into (enter) my head. I feel totally uninspired and devoid of all creative thought. It’s quite demoralising. Then I thought, rather than keep these worries to myself I’ve decided to pour my heart out to you in this post. After all, you are used to me sharing my life and personal experiences with you, aren’t you?!

I don’t know why I am feeling so lacklustre. I had a relaxing Christmas, I didn’t overindulge in food and drink and have some exciting ideas for courses and projects for 2016. I even had a new client booking for an eight-week full immersion course! Furthermore, I exercised throughout Christmas and have even braved the elements (weather conditions) by lengthening my runs.

So why come 7 January, have I hit a wall and am now feeling down in the dumps with no motivation whatsoever?

I must point out that I have a Japanese client staying with me on a two-week home stay course at the moment. I teach her in the mornings for three hours. The lessons are focussed on fluency and giving her plenty of speaking practice which she lacks back in Japan. I am enjoying our lessons and whilst it’s been a challenge to get her to speak more (she is extremely shy), she’s beginning to open up and interact more with me. We’ve had interesting chats about films, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Japanese culture and I am slowly beginning to get to know her.

However, come the afternoons all I want to do is sit around doing absolutely nothing, watch catch up TV and read. I don’t feel like doing anything else. I don’t feel like working on my new course, thinking of new ideas for my blog, working on new projects or catching up with my reading on work-related subjects. All the time I am doing nothing, I feel so guilty.

The only reason I can give for this lack of motivation is the “January Blues. It’s January, it’s cold and dreary out there, the mornings are dark and everyone is hibernating.
came across the picture message above on Facebook and shared it on my Timeline. It seemed specially written for me and a useful reminder that these moments can happen to all of us. I also received some thoughtful and uplifting comments from my friends who shared what they do in these situations and these made me realise that what I am feeling isn’t unusual. More importantly, it is ok to allow my mind to wander and to hibernate for a while. We all need that crucial thinking time and that precious ‘doing nothing’ time. So, I shouldn’t beat myself up about it and just allow myself to hibernate.

So I’ve decided to treat January as my ‘reboot’ month. I am going to let my mind wander and allow ideas and plans to come to the forefront of my mind in their own time. I am going to hibernate like a bear whilst ensuring I get plenty of exercise and rest. With a bit of luck the enthusiasm will return and my creative juices will flow again.

Thank you for ‘listening’ to me. The exercise of writing and sharing my thoughts here with you has been invaluable.

I hope you’re not feeling the January Blues, but if you are I’d love you to share your feelings with me. After all, as the saying goes: “a problem shared is a problem halved”.

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Ciao for now