Are you a Baby Boomer? Or maybe you are a Generation Xer? You’re younger than that?! Ok, so you’re part of Generation Y or a Millennial.

Do your colleagues include all three generations? How do you get on? Do you enjoy working with the other generations or is there a clash?

I was honoured to give a talk at a business English teachers’ conference at the weekend where I explored this theme in relation to learning English for business. I wanted to share my talk with you, but rather than sharing it in written form, I decided to make an audio recording. That way you get to practise your listening skills!

So you can say that this week’s post comes to you with a twist!

My Audio Post



Here are some expressions you’ll hear while listening

  • check out long lost classmates – look for
  • embraced the world of technology – adopted with enthusiasm
  • learning curve – the rate at which you progress when learning something
  • shares rocketed – to increase fast and high
  • bubble
  • juggling childcare – managing
  • to be made redundant – to lose your job (also to be laid off)
  • Mum and Dad Bank”
  • much-maligned – criticised a lot
  • “helicopter parents”
  • hooked on – addicted to
  • living through the filters of social media
  • narcissistic, self-centred, lazy
  • in need of praise and feedback
  • lack the coping mechanisms to deal with the corporate world 
  • critical thinking
  • inter-personal skills
  • climb the corporate ladder
  • confidence is shaken or affected
  • mentors or they need mentoring
  • to be resilient 

I hope you enjoyed the post and that you could understand me well. Please share your thoughts with me in the comments box. I’d love to know about your experiences of the generation clash in business.

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Ciao for now