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How to Bravely Face Change in Your Career with Your ‘Bad’ English

It’s the summer of 2009. We’re in the middle of the credit crunch. My company has just been bailed out by the US Government. I’ve returned to work after 18 months away for breast cancer treatment.

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Why you should stop apologising for your poor English (and what to do instead)

Have you ever apologised for your ‘bad’ English? You know, those situations where: You’ve written an email to a supplier requesting information and you end the email with “Sorry for my English. I hope you can understand my email.”

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5 Simple Tricks That Will Transform You From Grammar-Obsessed To Confident Business Communicator in English

“I realised my audience didn’t care about my English grammar. They were more interested in understanding my message.” I couldn’t believe it when Giorgios uttered those words in our catch-up call two weeks ago.

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