“I want to feel in control when I communicate in English with my co-workers or clients.”

This is what you truly want, but instead what you tell yourself and everyone else is this:

“I want/need to improve my Business English.”

So, you take a number of steps to improve your Business English:

❏ You subscribe to free English Language resources, for example, blogs, YouTube channels, podcasts

❏ You join English Language Facebook Pages or Groups

❏ You download a dozen apps to your smartphone that your colleagues recommended

❏ You attend the in-house English classes your company offers

❏ You personally invest in group English classes

Fast forward a few months….and there’s hardly any progress.

In fact, you feel you may even have gone backwards judging from that last disastrous conference call you had in English!


❏ You’ve stopped reading those blog posts. You’ve even unsubscribed from some of them because the posts were clogging your inbox up.

❏ You have so many unplayed podcast episodes staring accusingly at you on your phone that you’ve deleted them ALL. One less thing to feel guilty about.

❏ Those inhouse group English classes were a complete waste of time – all you did were grammar exercises and hardly any conversation practice. You stopped going to them after a few weeks pretending you were too busy.

❏ The group classes you paid for and attended were not only a waste of time, but also a waste of money. There was very little conversation practice and quite frankly, you couldn’t see how knowing all the words to office stationery was going to show you how to successfully persuade a client in English to buy your service.

There’s no point continuing. Plan A didn’t work.

Plus, I don’t have the time, I am too old to learn English, and it’s a waste of money.

What if I were to tell you that there is a Plan B that will give you:

    • the confidence,
    • the motivation,
    • the focus, and
    • the control

you so badly desire and deserve to communicate in business with English?

Sounds good?

But first, let’s examine what was missing in Plan A.

No Goal

“I want to improve my English for business” is not a goal because it’s meaningless. It’s like saying: “I want to improve my running or my diet.” What does that mean? Where do you start?

You need more detail. You need to be very clear and specific about what you want to achieve.

You need to set SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound.

“I want to give a 20-minute presentation in English in 3 months’ time”.

“ I want to be able to answer my suppliers’ questions on the phone instead of asking them to email me their questions. I want to be able to do this in 4 months’ time.”

No Why or Outcome

“The reason people give up is because they haven’t asked themselves why.”

Have you ever asked yourself why you’re learning English at this stage in your career?

Is it for you or for someone else? Is the motivation internal or external?

For example, you’re learning English to get a better job or career promotion. Do you have a choice in this? In other words, could you find an equally good job without English? Or is this your only option?

Your answer will reveal how motivated you are in improving your English. If the motivation is internal, the more powerful it’ll be.

What’s in it for me?


You need to visualise what you’re going to get back for all the time, effort and money you put in. In other words, what’s your return on investment (ROI)?

What you need to do is Imagine what you could be and do with better English?

“If I could present more confidently and comfortably in English, I would be invited to more conferences and grow my network.”

“If I could write more persuasively, I would close more deals and earn a healthy bonus at the end of the year.”

“If I could feel more comfortable with small talk, my network of connections would double in size.”

“If I could improve my negotiation skills in English, I would get promoted in one year instead of two.”

“If I could overcome my fear of dealing with questions over the phone in English, I’d save so much time.”

Once you know your why and can visualise the outcome you want, you will be far more motivated and focused to achieve your goals.

No Plan

With no goal or outcome, it’s impossible to plan how you’re going to achieve either.

You need to devise a plan – weekly, monthly, quarterly – that will fit in with your busy schedule and help you stay on track.

No accountability

I had a personal trainer for about two years when I first started my fitness programme.

Not only did he help me set my fitness goals and devise my fitness plan, he held me accountable to my programme.

Each week he would ask me what training sessions I had done that week, how many glasses of wine I had drunk, how much I’d eaten and would ask me what I planned to do for the following week.

I used to hate his questioning, especially when I’d had a bad week, but I NEEDED him to hold me accountable to my goals and the outcome I wanted. Without him, I would have lost all motivation, found all sorts of excuses not to continue and never achieved the goals I had set. With his guidance and coaching, I lost more weight than I’d ever had in my life.

Language learning is exactly the same. You need to be accountable to your learning if you’re to succeed. Very few people can do this themselves. They need someone to coach or mentor them to make them accountable not just to their coach, but above all, to themselves.

Let’s work together to achieve your Plan B.

With my coaching programmes, you will:


your why and visualise your outcome – empowering you to decide what you want to be and do in English.


your goal making it specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound (SMART) –  there is light at the end of that dark tunnel and it doesn’t need to take forever.


a practical and sustainable plan to achieve your goals – fitting it into your busy schedule, keeping you on track and motivated.

Be accountable

to your plan and goals – reminding you of your why and your outcome.

During the programme, you will learn:

how to better cope with the difficult business situations you may find yourself in,

→ You will learn how to “make” a native-speaker of English slow down when they’re speaking without having to apologise for your ‘bad’ English.

how to take control of those situations,

→ You will no longer wait for that phone call from your supplier to divert to voice message so that you don’t have to speak to him/her in English, but will answer the call immediately and fearlessly.

❏ how to communicate with confidence and authority, even if you’re not a proficient English speaker.

→ You will learn not to panic but to use pauses to give yourself precious thinking time when you’re in an interview or dealing with that difficult question from the audience; to ask non-business-related questions making small talk easier and more enjoyable; or to clearly and politely explain in writing to your client why their terms are unacceptable.


Tell me more about the programme

Each week you will have:

1 x 1-1 coaching session

with me (60 minutes) via Zoom (I’ll send you the link).

A recording of the session

(both video + audio) + training notes of the session (including feedback) + a self-evaluation form delivered to you via Google Docs

An assignment

to complete before our coaching session (to be submitted 2 business days before via Google Docs)

Unlimited online access to my expertise

and guidance through the private chat box on an online forum (Mon – Fri) during the programme (for any questions you may have about your assignment or issues you have at work with English.)

You can achieve your goals and acquire these skills in a short space of time provided you’re willing to put the work in during the programme.

Your investment

My programmes are not conversation classes. They require hard work, dedication and focus on both our parts.

If you want results, you need to put the work in. I want you to walk away feeling in control when you communicate in English.

For that very reason, it’s important that I know you’re the right fit for my programmes and that we can work together.

To that end, if you’re interested in working with me please complete the application form below giving me as much information about your business English needs and goals.

Ready to work with me?

Here’s what will happen:

➣ You complete the application form and submit it to me

➣ I will respond within 2 business days to inform you if my programme is right for you, or if not, other suggestions I may have.

➣ If you’re accepted, I’ll email you with my recommendation of the programme (4, 6 or 8 weeks) that’s right for you and send you the invoice (payment plan available for longer 6 & 8 week programmes) and contract.

➣ You’ll have 3 business days from receipt to pay the invoice.

➣ Once I’ve received payment, you will receive your Welcome Pack that will include:

→  a copy of your contract and invoice,

→ a link to my calendar to schedule your coaching sessions,

→ complete details of how we will work together (through Zoom, the EWAT Coaching forum, and Google Docs)

This programme is for you if:

❏ You are a business professional, for example, you’re a corporate executive working for a multinational company; you work for a company that deals with international clients; you’re a small business owner/entrepreneur; you’re in between jobs and taking this opportunity and time to focus on your English

❏ You are at an intermediate level in English (CEFR B1) – minimum requirement.

❏ You have a good grasp of basic English grammar and sentence structure

❏ You feel that having good command of International English is the key to achieving success in your career

❏ You need and use English regularly in your career

❏ You want to feel in control of key business situations in English

❏ Becoming an effective communicator in business English is a priority now

❏ You are willing to make a significant financial investment in your learning now

❏ You are prepared to set the necessary time aside to participate fully in the programme

❏ You are prepared to work hard to achieve the results you want

This programme is not for you if:

✗ You’re a student or retired

✗ You’re a beginner or at pre-intermediate level  in English (CEFR A0 – A2)

✗ You don’t understand the basics of English grammar and sentence structure

✗ You don’t use or need English in your career

✗ Becoming an effective communicator in business English is a LOW ( or not) a priority for you

✗ You’re NOT willing to make a significant financial investment in your learning

✗ You are NOT prepared to set the necessary time aside to participate fully in the programme

✗ You want a conversation partner through Skype

At the end of a programme, I want you to feel:


of your achievement


that you’ve worked hard to achieve your goal

in control

of your ability to communicate in  a specific business situation in English


and ready for the next challenge

Ready to work with me?

© 2018, English with a Twist