My Courses and Workshops At A Glance

All my courses and workshops are tailor-made and can be delivered either online or face to face through my home stay full immersion courses or abroad.

Here are some of my most popular courses at a glance. If you need a more specific course, all you need to do is discuss your needs with me and together we’ll design a course that’s just for you.

Business English Courses

  • Presentation skills – using your voice, signposting, how to manage your nerves, what to say when you lose your words, using non-verbal language to get your message across.
  • Preparing for a Job Interview – includes role plays, learning to talk about yourself and your achievements with confidence and coherence.
  • Small Talk in social situations – including the do’s and don’t’s of small talk taking into account cultural differences.
  • English for Finance – understanding and presenting financial data, for example, financial statements; how to use, say and understand numbers in English; the language of trends when presenting graphs and charts

Business English Workshops (delivered at clients’ offices)

  • Writing Skills – A three-day group workshop aimed at professionals with an upper-intermediate to advanced level of English who need to improve their written communication.
    The workshop will help you understand how to create powerful and purposeful written documents by guiding you through best practices on form, structure, and content.

Writing Skills Courses

  • CV and Covering Letters – Coaching and helping you prepare a CV and covering letters in English. This includes advice on the best way to market yourself and make your writing impactful.
  • Writing Skills – Emails, Business Reports, Proposals, Curriculum Vitae ( I can offer these either via Skype or email)

General and Functional English Courses

  • Conversation Practice – Introducing new vocabulary, error correction, pronunciation work, discussing a variety of topics of your choice
  • Functional English – to prepare you for a holiday, a move or a business trip to an English speaking country.

Proofreading Service

  • Proofreading Service – If you need someone to edit and check your written documents, CV and emails, I will edit and correct your documents as and when it is required via email.

As I mentioned above, all my courses (except for the workshops) are delivered online or face to face. For more information of my online courses, please click here and for details of my face-to-face (intensive) courses click here.