My Full Immersion Courses

This Is Who I Help
My clients come from all walks of life ranging from the military to the diplomatic corps. They all have different needs for learning the English Language as highlighted in my recent blog post. Almost all my clients come to London from abroad to study on a full immersion course.

Chinese Proverb_TeacherMy aim is to get them communicating quickly and effectively in the various situations they find themselves in whether it be social or business. That way they become much more confident when using the English Language. I see myself very much as a coach guiding my clients through their language journey.

This Is How I Help Them

At the beginning of each full immersion course I complete a needs analysis report with my student. I ask them why they want or need to learn the English Language. Is it for social or business reasons? If it is for business reasons, are there particular areas they need to focus on such as, the language of meetings, negotiations, emails, telephone, or networking?

Once we’ve identified their needs, I tailor-make the course and include plenty of variety in the lessons, eg, fluency, vocabulary, listening, reading, role-plays. I do not use course books. My clients are my resource. They are all I need. I believe in engaging with my clients and having FUN!

After all, learning a language should be a fun experience. And that’s what we have – FUN.

I run intensive full immersion courses of 1 – 2 weeks. My clients study 20 hours a week. They have the option of staying with me or selecting their own accommodation.

London in ColourMy clients can opt to have an intensive course of lessons only, or they could choose to combine their English Language Learning Experience with the opportunity to explore London with me. By experiencing the city through the eyes of its residents and with my help their English Language journey can become much more meaningful and enjoyable.

For more information about my full-immersion courses, please take a look at my Q&A page or contact me here.