How to Present and Participate in Business Meetings With Confidence Using the English You Already Speak

A self-paced video workshop + workbook

Do you dread business meetings in English? Are you worried that your insufficient English communication skills undermine your professional expertise?

Learn how to confidently present and participate in business meetings in English without learning new vocabulary, using perfect grammar, or feeling a need to apologise for your language skills.

During this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the English you already speak
  • Structure your presentation and prepare for it to avoid rambling
  • Handle questions with confidence
  • Observe how you communicate and how others communicate with you to keep improving your business English skills

Bonus: 22-page actionable workbook that takes you through my proven 3-stage reflection strategy that has helped many business professionals just like you to communicate more confidently in English.

1:1 Coaching for Senior Business Professionals

Do you need to prepare for an important presentation next week? Or would you like to work on your English communication skills overall?

My coaching sessions will offer you a safe environment to share your struggles, identify your mental blocks, and learn new strategies to become your confident self when speaking English at work.

Get in touch to book a free 40-minute exploratory session.