Love engaging in small talk in English?

Can’t wait to socialise with your colleagues and clients and talk about non-business related topics in English?

If your answer is a big fat NO, you need STTG. Your very own ebook of must-have recipes.

Business English Secrets Ebook

Small Talk to Go

A 35-page e-book

A 15-page workbook


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I usually try to avoid colloquial conversations while doing business because I am afraid of making mistakes. I decided to buy the book because I like how Shanthi teaches and I thought this book could give me tips on how to start quick chats with clients and colleagues.

I found the scenarios in the book very typical of those you have when you work in a company and you have meetings with colleagues and clients.

I discovered that engaging in small talk in English is not as difficult as I thought if you learn several sentences to break the ice.

The book made me feel more confident.

Belen L

a medical devices specialist (Madrid, Spain)

I found STTG very enjoyable and in some parts amusing. When we deal with people of different nationalities in business situations there are some cliche that can be very much part of cultural differences and behaviors and these are very interesting to analyze in the book. All the scenarios described were very much authentic.

I felt relief having STTG to hand  because I could have something to reference in small talk situations. Also, I believe it made me feel better because it is good to share with someone else the same issues in engaging in small talk.

Btw, I was mentioning about this book to some of my British colleagues and they were very curious. Apparently there are many English-speakers who find engaging in small talk challenging!

Daniela P

an Italian project manager based in London

Imagine this…

You’ve spent hundreds of dollars to attend an important conference for your business.

It’s your once in a lifetime opportunity to:

• meet new customers (new business),

• interact with your peers (possible collaboration projects)

• find out what your competitors are doing

This is going to be great. You’re excited, you’re feeling energised and you can’t wait to attend this conference. 

You arrange to meet some potential new customers over coffee or at the bar during a break between the talks. You’re really hoping to make some valuable connections during these meetings.

Connections that could make or break your business.

You’d like to get straight down to business, but your client starts asking you questions that are not business related.

Questions like:
“What are you having?” (at the bar)[spacer height=”30px”]
“Is this your first time to Rome?” [spacer height=”30px”]
“What’s the weather like back home?” [spacer height=”30px”]
“How long have you been with the company?” [spacer height=”30px”]
“What do you think about the latest news surrounding executive pay?” [spacer height=”30px”]
“Do you come to many events like these?” [spacer height=”30px”]
“I love Italian food. Don’t you think it’s the best cuisine in the world?” [spacer height=”30px”]

What’s your reaction?

“Oh no, I don’t know how to answer these questions in English.” [spacer height=”30px”]
“Not because I don’t have an opinion on these issues.” [spacer height=”30px”]
“No. The problem is I can’t find the words or expressions to express myself in a way that makes me sound professional and fluent in English.” [spacer height=”30px”]
“This is so frustrating! I feel so stupid.” [spacer height=”30px”]
“All I want to do is get back to the topic of business, but I know that’s not the right way.” [spacer height=”30px”]
“I have invested so much time and money in this event, I can’t let the opportunity be wasted because of my fear and inability to engage in social conversation in English.” [spacer height=”30px”]
“Help! What do I do now?” [spacer height=”30px”]

So what can you do to solve this problem?

How about your very own e-book and audiobook of must-have small talk recipes that gives you the vocabulary and confidence to engage effortlessly in small talk in English?

[spacer height=”30px”]

Imagine an e-book (+ audiobook) that:[spacer height=”30px”]

  • recreates the scenarios you might find yourself in (at a bar, at a cocktail party, when you first arrive for a meeting, at a conference);[spacer height=”15px”]
  • gives you the expressions that you could hear;[spacer height=”10px”]
  • suggests the expressions you can use to respond and sound confident;[spacer height=”10px”]
  • shows you what a conversation looks like;[spacer height=”10px”]
  • allows you to hear what the conversations sound like;[spacer height=”10px”]
  • offers you the chance to put what you learn into practice.[spacer height=”10px”]

Sounds like what you’ve been looking for but haven’t found up to now?

Small Talk to Go

A 35-page e-book

A 15-page workbook


The only recipe book to give you ALL the ingredients you’ll ever need to small talk your way to business success.

A 35- page ebook + a 15-page workbook + audiobook that covers 5 business scenarios you’ll probably experience in your professional life:

Business lunches, conferences, training courses, corporate hospitality, business meetings.

Each scenario has two recipes (scenes) each. Total 10 recipes.

Each recipe sets the scene (the situation you’ll find yourself in), gives you all the ingredients (phrases and vocabulary you’ll need) and shows you how to put all the ingredients together in authentic dialogues.

Each recipe will show you exactly how to start, continue and end a conversation.

Every recipe illustrates a real business scenario with real conversations.

I experienced all these situations when I worked in investment management. I’ve given you an authentic flavour by sharing my experience with you.

The audiobook gives you valuable listening practice and allows you to hear how these real conversations sound (intonation, pauses and syllable stress)

The accompanying workbook gives you the chance to ‘test’ what you’ve learned and to expand your vocabulary further with more examples of phrases you can use.

About The Author

Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat
– Founder & English Language Trainer –

My name is Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat and I am the founder of English with a Twist. I am a Business English Trainer and I’ve been helping people just like you succeed in business with English for over six years. Before that, I spent twenty years in the Finance world and that experience has enabled me to relate and empathise with professionals like you. I know what it takes to make a good impression at a job interview, to give an excellent presentation, to make a persuasive argument in negotiations, to win that sale or to write a persuasive email.[spacer height=”15px”]

I focus on what YOU need to communicate effectively in English with colleagues, customers and stakeholders. I help you present yourself and your business professionally and clearly in English. I help you succeed in your career with English whether it’s through presentations, at job interviews, engaging in small talk with your customers or writing with impact.